It’s Halloween

I did my celebrating on Saturday, but it’s nice to acknowledge the actual day. I dressed up as a haunted porcelain doll. I love things that require makeup but I can just wear normal clothes.

This is a good wig. I don’t have enough excuses to use it.
I really nailed the crazy eyes look here, I think

I’ll also take any excuse to bust out the pearls.

Halloween means the first snow of the season. This just about tracks for what I grew up with in Denver, but my first October in Chicago, back in 2014, all of my coworkers assured me that snow on Halloween was early for Chicago. It almost feels like the generally accepted standards for season and climate are changing on us. đŸ¤”

Someone should probably look into that.

My windshield when I got in the car this morning.
The view from the window next to my desk in the office around 2:0o p.m. CST
Glad I’m not trick-or-treating in this weather.

This is my first Chicago winter without an ass load of hair, so we’ll see how that goes. I’m slightly apprehensive and trying to reconcile with the fact that I’m a hat person now.

Observe my lack of hair

Did a tarot card pull this morning. Seemed appropriate for the date. Came up with the Three of Pentacles, which speaks to diligence, hard work, industriousness, and hints that the fruits of your labor will pay off if you stick with it. I’d say that this bodes well for the upcoming marathon that is NaNoWriMo.

Three of Pentacles from the Linestrider deck. This actually might be my favorite card in the whole thing. I heart ravens

Speaking of NaNoWriMo I’ve set some concrete goals

  • Write a cumulative 50k words between the 4 projects that I’m working on (2 short novels and 2 short stories)
  • Complete one of the short stories (hopefully a second or third draft – ready to shop around to friends for feedback)
  • Complete first draft of one of the short novels (rough “discovery writing” draft, not fit for human eyes yet)

I will probably update throughout November, but whether it’s a daily update or just a frazzled braindump at the end is TBD.

Seeking some advice: I have had select songs from the hit musical Cabaret stuck in my head for days and it’s driving me slowly up a wall. Good songs, but not uninterrupted for hours and hours on end. I love Liza, but not that much. How do you get weapons grade earworms out of your head? I will try almost anything at this point.

Anyway, I’m going to celebrate this snowy Halloween in the best way I know how. With a spooky bath bomb (courtesy of Bathomet ), some tawny port, and a spooky novel that seems short enough that I can finish it in one sitting. I’ll report back on how I like it. October has been a dismal reading month for me, so I’d love to knock one out in the cozy Halloween spirit.

10 year tawny port, Ghost Wall by Sarah Moss, and a skull shaped grey bath bomb. I would have gotten amontillado instead of port to be seasonally thematic, but sherry is so hit or miss. I’d want my fav specialty liquor store to recommend one to me, but that was pretty far out of my way and I wanted to get home before sunset because I didn’t want to run into any Spooky Halloween Ghosts on the way home đŸ‘»

Learned How to Glitch Art Today

I’m fascinated with finding methods of digitally destroying or erasing my own face.

Glitched jpg image with horizontal bands from three separate selfies.
JPG hex editing with three separate selfies, used in unequal proportions. My first glitch art attempt.
Horizontal colorful stripes. This used to be a selfie, and portions of the face are still visible if you squint, but it's not immediately recognizable.
One of the selfies from the glitch art above (not the primary one). More radical glitching and less image mixing applied.
An image that used to be a selfie, bu the pixels are sorted according to brightness, so only vague shapes remain, and the pixels appear to be drifting upward and to the right.
A pixel sorting glitch run using Kim Asendorf‘s ASDF Pixel Sort written in the Processing programming language. Sorted by brightness, using both horizontal and vertical sorts.
An image that used to be a selfie of me in a hat with a pearl necklace, but the pixels are sorted horizontally from black to white. What's left is black on the left, with a smear of color in the middle, and white on the right. You can tell where my mouth used to be.
The same pixel sorting algorithm on a different selfie. Sorted from black to white, using only a horizontal sort. You can tell that in the original image my hair was purple and i was wearing red lipstick.
The same selfie as above, but sorting horizontally by brightness. You can tell that I am wearing a hat. Most of my face is pretty blurred, but my eyes are strangely intact, which is a bit unsettling. My hair also retains most of its shape.
The same selfie as above, but sorting horizontally by brightness.

I attempted to databend some other photos using Audacity sound editing, but mostly managed to break them instead of glitching them. I’ll try again later.