Dear Chipublib: why?

It is a constant source of frustration for me that the Chicago Public Library overdrive setup only allows a person to have 5 digital holds at a time. I can check up to 20 things out, but I can’t have more than 5 holds. This seems totally flipped to me! Shouldn’t I be able to reserve more things and put the bottleneck on taking books out, rather than flagging books for the future based on availability?

Someone smarter than me is probably going to have to explain it to me someday. Probably something to do with money. Bah.

3 thoughts on “Dear Chipublib: why?

  1. yeah idk maybe it’s a licensing thing?

    anyway i’m still mad they won’t let me pay my fines online. let me hide my shame, chipublib!!!

    1. Oh the fact that you can’t pay fines online is the actual worst. It makes no sense and it’s an active inhibitor to people going to the library. I have learned from my sister, the library student, that library anxiety is a whole thing, and that library fines are more likely to drive people away from the library and provide very little in terms of revenue. It’s a terrible system, and should be abolished. Denver recently stopped charging late fines at all because they’re classist and bad. I wish Chicago would do the same.

      Also, did you know that Chicago Public Library is one of the best funded library systems in the country? I didn’t! It baffles me because I just don’t see where all that money is going.

      1. DANG i am baffled by CPL being one of the best funded library systems. i pretty much never used CPL stuff when i lived in chicago, but now i use skokie’s services all the time.

        also, i waited like 5 years to get my CPL library card because i was so scared that somehow my hometown’s library system would tell the CPL that i had fines i never paid, and make me pay them. library anxiety is so real.

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